The HR 808 diode laser is your number one ally for permanent hair removal

HR 808, 100% Made in Italy,represents the international gold standard for laser hair removal, featuring the most innovative and advanced technology. The HR 808 handpiece is designed to operate with maximum efficiency, successfully combining incredible lightness with maximum output in terms of performance and results.
Moreover, the exclusive Mantis ACS and TMS technology is able to prevent unwanted downtime during treatments, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency in all conditions.

New Cooling System

The thermal capacity of the laser source is enhanced by the ACS – Active Cooling System, guaranteeing virtually unlimited treatment times and increasing the thermal capacity of the entire laser system.
The software electronically controls the temperature and measures the water flow, preventing the most common faults that tend to occur in less evolved laser systems.

The difference offered by these systems allow the product to provide incomparable results – which are still completely painless – thanks to constant cooling of the source and the crystal in contact with the skin. Besides, its short treatment sessions, long source lifetime and greater stability and energy output make the HR808 exceptional value as well as the top performer in its sector.

The HR808 handpiece, designed to achieve maximum efficiency, has a real sapphire crystal head. The two active layers, one of which is mirror effect, prevent reflections to protect the source and improve both its lifetime and performance. The handpiece is efficiently cooled thanks to the powerful Peltier cell system. It guarantees maximum comfort, even in the most sensitive areas of the body.

Safe treatments on all phototypes fast and painless results

Mantis HR 808 technology makes it possible to work safely and efficiently on all skin types.

Mantis Care System

Tele-assistance is a remote technical support mode that provides direct or indirect interaction on the equipment. Mantis technicians work remotely, without the need to work on site, ensuring constant and efficient supervision.


The innovation characterising Mantis HR 808 consists in two new systems, ACS and TMS, which guarantee absolute performance in the safest possible conditions.


Tests carried out at Mantis laboratories have demonstrated the absence of any short and long-term contraindications.


The exclusive cooling systems, combined with the possibility to adjust the parameters to suit the treated area, ensure the treatment is not only effective, but also comfortable.


HR 808 technology satisfies the most demanding professionals thanks to its excellent results, visible from the very first treatment.


HR 808 guarantees excellent performance in the shortest possible time.


Thanks to the quality and efficacy of our light source, we are able to guarantee the long-term service life of the diode.

Mantis HR808

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