Mantis Contour One, a unique technology now available for the professional beauty sector

Finally, the world’s safest and most effective Ultrasonic Medical System has arrived in Italy. Chosen by the best plastic surgeons, it has now been certified for use in the professional beauty sector.
An extraordinarily effective method with guaranteed results, which had previously been unthinkable, uses the combined action of a dual ultrasonic HF/LF plate and an innovative Vacuum system.

A unique system in the world

MC1, the device with variable frequency defocused ultrasonic double-emitter technology.
A patented system that reduces and destroys fat cells without any effect on the skin or surrounding tissues.
The exclusive biocompatible elastomeric membrane Vacuum System facilitates the opening of the lymphatic ganglia and allows drainage of triglycerides and toxins.

MC1 has received prestigious international awards and is a certified device, including procedures approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Combined action

It is the safest and most effective system in the world in the non-invasive treatment of localised fatty deposits chosen by the best plastic surgeons.

  • It is a treatment that combines ultrasound and lymph drainage.
  • It reshapes the body’s profile.
  • Ideal for both female or male treatment.
  • Six to ten treatments are required for a complete cycle.
  • Results are seen following the first session by using ultrasound.
  • Treatment is comfortable, painless and does not require anesthesia.

The best plastic surgeons around the world are excited about the results!

Ultrasonic Handpiece

Following the opening of the lymphatic ganglia, treatment with the ultrasonic handpiece begins.
A program is selected based on the area to be treated.
Ultrasound reduces the volume of fat cells by raising the pressure in the interstitial spaces and initiating a metabolic process that leads to the natural elimination of fat by the body.
Treatment ends with drainage towards the lymphatic ganglia that were previously opened with the special handpiece.

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They say about MC1 Mantis Countour One

Dr. Paul Vanek Plastic Surgeon, Biochemist and Researcher Cleveland, Ohio

«Patients see the results immediately and are very happy.
At five weeks, they show significant improvement, which can be photographed and measured.
Patients love this technology for the immediacy of its results.»

Dr.ssa Marie N. Di Lauro Dermatologist Worthington, Ohio

«I'm excited about my purchase!
 My patients are seeing consistent and predictable results with a pleasant treatment experience!»

Dr. Gabriele Muti Plastic Surgeon Milan

«I'm excited about MC1. After the first session, my first patient while getting dressed, was surprised that her skirt was ‘accommodating on her hips.
It is truly a positive experience for a doctor and patient.»

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satisfied patients the world over!

MC1 Mantis Contour One

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