3D hair removal

Mantis research brings you Black Triple, the first laser device featuring three wavelengths able to work together and simultaneously at three different depths, guaranteeing triple effectiveness.
The synergy of the three wavelengths ensures Black Triple, to work on the widest and most varied skin and hair types, thanks to the ability of the ALEXANDRITE, DIODE and ND:YAG wavelengths to work simultaneously on the hair’s anatomy: the Hair Bulge, Bulb and Papilla.

Triple wavelength.
Power, control, safety.

The diode stack is composed of 6 bars with 3 DIFFERENT WAVELENGTHS working simultaneously. BLACK TRIPLE acts at three different depths.

760 nm

Alexandrite: it works on a broad range of hair types and colours, thanks to its ability to absorb the energy of the melanin chromophore.
Its “superficial” wavelength (the shortest of the three) aims to act on the Bulge. It is perfect for treating the broadest range of hair/skin combinations, especially light skin and thin hair

808 nm

Diode: ever since used in hair removal, it works deeply, reaching both the Bulge and Bulb.
It “moderately” absorbs the melanin and is therefore efficient and safe on all phototypes.

1064 nm

ND:YAG: this is the wavelength with the deepest action, reaching the hair papilla. Its low melanin absorption makes it ideal for treating dark, tanned skin types.

All the Mantis technology in just one, single handpiece

The patented source and low weight handpiece allow the Black Triple the highest degree of performance, making the treatment a unique and pleasurable experience for the operator.

New Dynamic Cooling System

An exclusive dynamic cooling system allows Black Triple to maintain the highest degrees of performance throughout the treatment, guaranteeing the same temperature of the first pulse to the last
on the skin, even in the most sensitive areas.

Even more effective epilation
using a triple wavelength system

Diode laser Black Triple is your best ally for laser epilation for all phototypes. The highest degree of performance using a single handpiece that operates at three levels of depth. This allows treatment of a wider range of clients throughout the year, and is delicate on the skin.

Mantis Care System

Tele-assistance is a remote technical support system that provides direct or indirect interaction with the equipment. Mantis technicians intervene remotely, without the need to intervene on site, guaranteeing continual and effective supervision.


The innovation characterising Black Triple consist in two new systems ACS and TMS, which guarantee absolute performance..


Tests carried out at the Mantis laboratories have demonstrated the maximum efficiency in complete safety, both in the short and the long term.


Its high power, which acts over very short time intervals, allows the effective treatment of finer hair such as those on the face..


The exclusive and efficient cooling system produces excellent results with no discomfort and includes parameters that can be adjusted depending on the area to be treated.


Black Triple technology satisfies the most demanding requirements of professionals owing to the excellent results it produces that are visible from the very first treatment.


Black Triple guarantees excellent results in a very short time, reducing the number of required sessions.

Mantis Black Triple Medicale

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