A new and modern concept
of wellness

Ameles is the gold standard of sequential press draining massage which helps to drain excess liquids through specific program and reactivate blood circulation in the legs, abdomen and arms.
Through pneumatic massage, Ameles helps to safely detox and oxygenate tissues thanks to the constant control of the innovative software developed by Mantis Lab.
The intermittent action guarantees deep-down hydroregulatory activity which reactivates cell exchange.

Simple, user-friendly and customisable

A detailed and user-friendly interface helps the operator to monitor all the work parameters.
Two operating modes
for immediate, easy
and effective use of Ameles.

  • Basic includes a series of preset-configured treatments
  • Professional allows the operator to set parameters based on sectors and area to treat


Mantis Care System

Remote technical support mode includes direct or indirect interaction on the device. Mantis technicians intervene remotely via Wi-Fi without the need for on-site assistance, thus guaranteeing constant and efficient supervision.


  • Customisable protocols, over 100 customisable protocols
  • Ttroubleshooting via Wi-Fi
  • Practical display screen 10.1 inches HD touchscreen


15 sectors that work in combination or individually with the SEAWAVE method, from the foot to the cervical area with decreasing compression, but uniform.


Thanks to the automatic detection system for arterial and venous blood pressure, Ameles performs effective and customised treatments, with the option of varying the pressure and corresponding pause times.


The innovative ankle applicator intervenes on lower leg peripheral oedemas, whether cosmetic or traumatic, in a precise, effective and gentle manner. The exclusive triangular abdominal massager stimulates peristalsis with dedicated program.


The cervical and lumbar applicator guarantee a delicate and effective action on these areas, easing nerve compression and providing immediate benefit and wellbeing.


Automatic detection system for venous and arterial pressure.
Emergency user alert button for treatment in total safety.

The modern pressotherapy

Mantis Black Mamba