The Heart of Mantis

Research & Development

We believe in excellence, and it is precisely for this reason that our internal laboratory boosts world-class engineers, dermatologists, sector technicians and internationally famous researchers such as Franco Missoli, a biophysicist who holds 149 different patents, most of which are for electronic equipment currently in use in the field of medical physics.
Franco Missoli was born in Milan, where he currently lives and works. He has performed research and experiments for Mantis which we have incorporated into our systems that safeguard human health to the maximum extent possible through the use of advanced electronic technology.
He was responsible for the project leading to the D.E.S. Technology patent for the MR 991 device.
In 1993 he obtained the “Stella al Merito per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica,” an award for scientific research and technology conferred by the President of Italy. He is a member of the Italian Association of Medical Physics (Associazione Italiana di Fisica in Medicina, AIFM) and Italian Physical Society (Società Italiana di Fisica, SIF). He is also a founding member of Italian Medical Informatics Association (Associazione Italiana di Informatica Medica, AIIM), which is part of the Italian national research council, CNR, for whom he is a long-time contributor.

How do we make it?
Investing in research, every day, with passion.

Our values translate into a constant motivation towards innovation, supported by prestigious collaborations with engineers, doctors, dermatologists and specialised technicians who work alongside us, performing research which has translated into equipment able to provide concrete results. This has made us an important point of reference in both the medical and cosmetic field.
Attention to quality, performance and well-being: characteristics demonstrated by the certifications obtained.
Strong point and source of pride that allow us to be at the side of our customers every day, guaranteeing them technological competence, safety and efficiency.


We are convinced that innovation can be defined as such if it brings concrete improvements to everybody’s lives. Our patents testimony to our constant commitment to the development of equipment which satisfies our customers, and by extension their patients. We constantly assess any feedback from those who work with our products in order to update and implement efficacious protocols and technical functions, because, for us at Mantis, people are what is truly important.
The goal of our research is to obtain effective and guaranteed results over, in total safety.
Our patents safeguard the work and innovation of our technicians and the trust of our customers, and all those who require originality and quality in the products they purchase.
Throughout its history, Mantis has worked with researchers of the calibre of Franco Missoli, who invented D.E.S., an innovative system to treat imperfections and blemishes which meets and exceeds all legislative requirements in the sector, and it is also easy to use thanks to its touchscreen controls. These display the various activation modes of the machine, accompanied by explanations of the application protocols and images which demonstrate the paths which the handpieces must follow over the body.

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