A history of research and specialization.

Mantis has deep cultural roots based on important experience in the electronic field originated in 1973.
Its core business is based on research and development of projects and equipment in the aesthetic medicine sectors.

From the very beginning, the company’s aim has been to create cutting-edge, efficacious, easy and practical to use equipment to support the well-being of hard-working professionals.
Our headquarters are in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of Italy’s medical aesthetic manufacturing district. The region where Mantis is based is the same which gave rise to legendary automotive companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini: companies which, like us, have invested in passion, innovation and attention to detail.

Our mission

When we are developing a new device for the aesthetic medicine sectors, we think about the people who will use it. 
We think about those who wish to achieve results in terms of their health and beauty, because everyone has the right to look their best. 
We think about all the workers in the sector, whom we wish to provide with a simple, effective experience which meets their professional expectations.

Mantis Black Mamba